As well as having over 2000 costumes for hire, we also sell a wide range of packaged costumes at prices to suit every pocket, from all the popular brands including Smiffy's, Fun Shack, Rubies and Wicked. Just a few of these are pictured here.
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New lines are being added every week, so please phone us on 01773 609616 for up-to-date info.

• If you choose a costume which is not in stock, we can often order it for you there and then, to arrive the following day.

Jollyjesters JollyjestersWe also have hundreds of costumes for children - here below are just a few! Jollyjesters JollyjestersJollyjesters

These are just a selection of the 1000+ pre-packed costumes we keep in stock all year round. Please phone us on 01773 609616 for up-to-date information on sizes and availability

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